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About Eficor

Eficor specializes in catalyzing Innovation, Profitability, Growth and Globalization amongst its customers and investment portfolio companies. This is based on a combination of deep technology knowledge, management experience and broad investor contact base as well as direct involvement with the existing and potential customers of Eficor portfolio companies. Instead of technology or product development, success is typically connected with thorough and innovative market and customer understanding – success stories are built with customer focus, innovative business model and strong hands-on execution.

Active board work, focused short consulting projects, co-entrepreneurial knowledge investments, small direct capital investments and arranging larger venture capital investments and private placements form the Eficor portfolio of new business catalysts. Eficor Ltd was the first Finnish discount brokering and the first European internet brokering company in mid 90’s expanding to a Finnish boutique, full service investment bank in the turn of the millennium. After divesting most of its businesses during the past few years, Eficor has been reorganized as an incubation, investment and business management company.

Eficor partners have hands on management experience of growth business in international markets, experience in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, experience in investment transactions and private equity, past and current experience of Board duties in growth companies.